Twenty'o Eight Designs | 11 USS Branding
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11 USS Branding

About This Project

With an influx of bistro dining in the NoHo area, Lindman Properties looks to create a boutique café on the ground level of 11 UpperStation, a Tong Lau revamped to be a luxury apartment block. Located in a building that is a hybrid between old Chinese architecture and modern Scandinavian design influences, the GF Café aims to create a space balancing both comfortable seating and easy circulation. With the challenges of the narrow interior and a mind to emulate an alfresco dining experience, we devised an opening could act as a canopy as well as give diner’s an access to Tai Ping Shan Street. The Interior reflects the simplistic nature of Lindman Properties approach, creating a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere to become a social place where people can meet casually as well as wind down for their bustling urban lifestyle. Completed in Summer 2013.