Twenty'o Eight Designs

Where Comfort Meets Creativity

Established in 2012, Twenty’o Eight Designs is an interior design firm with a refreshing approach. Founded by Jacqueline, a passionate designer with a background in interior design and art history, the firm was born out of a desire to create spaces that prioritize human comfort over empty aesthetics.

Hailing from Canada but raised in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Jacqueline has a global perspective that shines through in her work. Twenty’o Eight Designs has tackled a diverse array of projects, from museums and restaurants to homes, yachts, and coworking spaces. The common thread? A steadfast commitment to designing for the people who will inhabit the space, not just for the sake of style.

Tired of the industry’s tendency to force & squeeze spaces to maximize profits at the expense of comfort, Jacqueline founded Twenty’o Eight Designs to be a refreshing antidote. The firm approaches each project with an open mind, collaborating closely with the individuals who will experience the space to craft solutions that are as functional as they are uplifting. 

Driven by a passion for design in all its forms, Jacqueline and her team never shies away from a challenge- whether it’s a cozy residential sanctuary or a vibrant neighbourhood diner. Jacqueline’s innate understanding of how people interact with their surroundings is the guiding light that illuminates her work, ensuring that every creation not only captivates the eye but also nourishes the soul.

In a world where design is often reduced to mere aesthetics, Twenty’o Eight Designs stands as a beacon of authenticity, where the needs of the inhabitants are the true measure of success. With Jacqueline at the helm, this design studio continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible, one magnificent space at a time.


Design Concept
The eureka moment when inspiration strikes, like a lightning bolt of creativity coursing through your veins. Where wild ideas roam free, and the boundaries of the possible expand beyond the mundane
Schematic Design
The blueprint-wrangling, floor-plan-finessing stage where we transform those lofty visions into a coherent plan of action. Like a team of architectural wizards, we weave the strands of function and form into a tapestry of design brilliance.
Design Development
The intricate dance of refining every last detail, where the devils lurk and the angels reside. We meticulously curate every material, fixture, and finishing touch, ensuring a symphony of seamless sophistication
Design Implementation
The grand unveiling, where the blueprints spring to life and the space comes alive. Like a stage director, we orchestrate the perfect performance, bringing the design concept to its triumphant conclusion.